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Friday, 11 January 2013

Author Kara Leigh Miller reviews Becoming Red

Kara Leigh Miller, author of  'The Aurora Island Resort' series and 'Never Date a Cop' posted her review of Becoming Red on her website, Kick Start Your Heart Romance today

"When I first started reading, I was convinced this book would be lucky to get 2 Kicks from me, but now here I am trying to decide whether it deserves 4 or 4.5 Kicks. This was one wild ride. Hang on and read on..."
"For me, this story didn't start until Chapter 14/15...Once I got past all that stuff in the beginning, I could not put this book down."
"Holy! Friggin'! Hell! OMG! WTF! I cannot believe they did that."
"I fell in love with Ashling and Connal. I was rooting for both of them throughout and yes, I even cried. Three times. I was shocked by some of the twists that the plot took. My mind is still reeling over this story. And the ending? I'm both shocked, worried, and pissed off! "
"To Jess Raven and Paula Black: I'm on my knees, begging, and pleading for you to please send me book two for review. As a reader, I'm hooked. As an author, I'm envious of what you've accomplished with this book ..." 
"I have truly enjoyed reading Becoming Red and I have every intention of recommending it to a lot of people."

Kara's Rating: 4.5 Kicks to the Heart

Read the full review on Kara Leigh Miller's website here

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