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Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Full Moon Erotic Flash Fiction/Roleplay Event

When? Every month during the full moon.

Got the Full Moon Fever? Come join us for our very first Full Moon Erotic Flash Fiction/Roleplay Party

Here’s how it works:

During the full moon, we will be hosting flash fiction erotic shorts and role-play storylines on our twitter lists.

Perhaps you’ve written an erotic short story involving your characters that you would like us to show-case for you on twitter.

Want to share a steamy scene from something you’re writing?

Perhaps you have a steamy DM storyline you’ve been secretly dying to share on timeline, but it never seemed appropriate or didn’t fit into your main story arc?

Or maybe you’d prefer a time-slot for some spontaneous sexy roleplay with your mate?
Maybe it’s not written yet, but this event will inspire you.

Original or fanfic characters are permitted. All writers and/or roleplayers, canon or non, rogues or family members are very welcome to participate. It’s an opportunity to show off your writing outside of your normal following and maybe gain some new readers. There is no competition involved, this is pure entertainment.

As far as content is concerned, anything consensual goes, (just nothing illegal please, eg. abuse, rape, pedophilia will not be hosted). We are pitching to an 18+ audience.

The brief is for erotic short stories, (full moon entirely optional) guideline length about 1500 words or under, that can be posted in tweet form to twitter, over about one hour to ninety minutes maximum.

We’ll agree a time slot that suits you to post, we’ll announce your story to timeline and either we can either tweet your story for you, or add your twitter account to the Full Moon Party list so that followers can read along.

If you tweet from your own account, you’ll need to be unlocked for the duration, so that all our followers have the opportunity to follow your story through our lists.

If you prefer us to post your story for you in tweet form, with full author acknowledgement, or anonymously, that can be done too, from the @FullMoonErotica account.

Got a photo to go with your story? Send it to us and we'll post it too.

Afterwards, we'll promote your blog/site/tumblr so that interested followers know where to find your work, and if you wish, we will post your fiction or storyline to our blog’s Full Moon Event page and share the link through our twitter accounts.  

Have we piqued your interest? Tempted you inner exhibitionist from the shadows?

Drop us a DM to @FullMoonErotica or an email to
ravenandblack@gmail.com and tell us the usernames of the account(s) you would like to tweet your story from and your preferred performance time (include a timezone please) on Sunday January 27th or Monday January 28th

Who are we? A pair of role-player dinosaurs turned writers, who love to share our erotic stories and to read yours.

Why the full moon? Because it ties in with the release of our first novel Becoming Red. We will be contributing some flash fiction of our own featuring some of the characters from the Becoming world.

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