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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Have a very Becoming Christmas and get the gift of a giveaway!

It's Christmas!

We hope you're all having a wonderful wolfy holiday season and today is all about food, family and fantasy fulfilment.
In keeping with that, we thought we'd give a little glimpse into the Becoming world, an exclusive excerpt from Becoming Blood that's all naughty ;) 

Let's not forget a chance to spread the holiday cheer and win ebook copies of  the entire trilogy in the format of your choice! Yes, books 1, 2 and 3 could be yours, and all you have to do is RT, Like and/or Share this post on Facebook and Twitter up until the 27th December. If you do all three, that's three entries into the hat (there may be an actual hat involved.)

 Go  do!


From a corner of the room, Connal watched Ash as she perched on the edge of Liath’s bed and drew the long mane of her dark hair over one shoulder. Liath panted, lax and needy with anticipation, as though she sensed them in the room, but was too weak to react. Ash leaned in and spread her pink lips across the delicate skin of Liath’s throat. Connal’s lids drifted to half-mast, hypnotized by the sight of her sharp, white canines dimpling Liath’s pulsing flesh. With the threat of penetration, Ash’s throat bobbed on a swallow and he could taste her nervous hesitation. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be getting off on this, but damn, he was a man, and this was his mate, performing an act of intimacy with another woman. His body would have to be paralysed not to respond. Grunting quietly, he readjusted the towel on his hips, concealing the rock-hard evidence that he was well and truly cured of that ailment. He cast a sidelong glance at Madden and caught him running his fingers under the collar of his shirt. A sudden movement in his peripheral whipped his attention back to Ash.

It was Liath who struck, clutching fistfuls of Ash’s hair and crying out as she arched her throat and impaled herself on her fangs. Held fast in the crook of Liath’s neck, Ash growled into her flesh as the blonde jerked in ecstasy, milking her for the drug her body craved. Feral thrashing calmed to seductive grinding as she got her fix, her body softening, wrapping around Ash’s and pulling her closer. Liath moaned and the noise was pure sex. Her hips rocked up, her lips finding Ash’s fingers, her pink tongue laving and suckling while she sought friction for the heat at her centre. She curled around Ash’s leg, grinding her sex to the bare thigh she had trapped.

‘Enough,’ Connal snarled, lunging to untangle Ash from Liath’s clutches and drag her away from the bed. She swung about and came to a shaky halt, staring up at him. Her glassy eyes were tinged with red, her cheeks flushed, hair snagged and wild. She was feral, a tinderbox of sex pheromones that sparked a fever in his blood.

Throbbing, he swept her up in his arms and ignoring Liath’s whines of protest, carried her out of the room and over the threshold into another.

'I’m sorry, Little Red, but this is going to be rough.'

Slamming the door closed, he tossed her, face down, like a rag doll onto the chintz bedspread.

When she made to crawl away, he hitched her ass up by the belt of her housecoat and hauled her back down the bed.

'Where do you think you're going?' he growled. Yanking the belt from her waist, he tore the quilted monstrosity off her back and ran a possessive hand down the curve of her naked spine. She arched in response.

He kicked her legs wide with his knees and the towel fell from his hips.

'Gods, yes,' he groaned at the sight of her glistening, swollen lips. Grasping the sweet mounds of her ass, he drove himself hilt-deep into her tight, wet heat.

She clenched around his girth and kicked back against his abs, forcing him so deep that she whimpered and gouged her claws into the bedspread. His growl of approval was guttural and, fingers imprinting the flesh of her ass, he answered by pumping, hard and ruthless, inside her. Hips pistoning, abs tight, he slapped up against her buttocks, watching the thick girth of his cock slide in and out of the tight glove of her sex, glossed in her arousal.

But it wasn’t enough.                                             

‘Give me your eyes,’ he demanded, withdrawing only long enough to flip her onto her back.


She did.

And if looks could burn, he was raw, smouldering possession.

His gaze never left hers as he grasped the backs of her legs and spread her wide. He dropped to his knees and his tongue parted her cleft in a long, velvet stroke. Her thighs trembled as he sucked at her clit, growling into her flesh, watching all the time as the torment played out on her face.

She was already hovering on that sweet, bladed edge when he reared up, hooked her knees, and slammed back inside her. Ash came up off the mattress with a howl, her eyes still locked with his. Blistering pleasure tore through her body in waves so hard, they bordered pain. She’d never get enough of him.

Long strokes cleaved her, inner muscles fisting tight around the rigid length of his cock as he hit deep and she arched for deeper. She mewled at the friction, sparks flitting along a circuit of hyper-aware nerve-endings, broadcasting erotic pulses to every inch of her. His rhythm was relentless, passion blazing so hot that its embers licked along her skin and settled red fire in his eyes.

Ecstasy tightened her lower body.

‘Connal ...’ Growling his name, Ash pleaded, sinking her claws into his hard thighs. He punished her in quick-fire strokes that stole her breath and twisted her core with vicious pleasure. She detonated on a visceral howl, her orgasm so hard and strong, it lifted her up in a fiery wave and the only tether she had was Connal. His snarls surrounded her while she soared, quaking in bliss, the rippling power in his body unleashed as he snapped his hips to lock with hers, finding his own release, burying the hot pulses of his passion inside her.

He was sheened in the lightest layer of sweat, his powerful chest heaving with ragged, snarling breaths, fangs so long he couldn’t shut his mouth, and Ash thought he’d never looked so magnificent. Or so animal.

‘I should bite girls more often,’ she laughed huskily.

‘I’m not sure we’d survive a rematch,’ he said, stretching out alongside her in all his gloriously hard nakedness.

‘I can’t bear the thought of any other woman touching you,’ she breathed. ‘Makes me want to rip their hearts out.’

‘No killing,’ he smiled lazily against her lips. ‘I need to get that knife.’

‘Yeah, and I need to speak with this Master guy, to find out how we use it,’ she said.
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Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas everyone!

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