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Friday, 17 October 2014

Pre-Order! Infernal - new book, new world, new sex, violence and intrigue.

It's finally almost here! Available to pre-order now, Infernal is our new venture into the world of romantic suspense :) 

Neva Raines is the only person who believes the death of her brother Daniel isn’t what it appears. Gay, sexually abused, pumped full of drugs, and dumped in a London underpass, the circumstances surrounding his murder—and their mother’s record as an addict—lead people to all the wrong assumptions. But Neva knows Daniel, who watched their mother fight her own demons for years, would never have walked that same path. 
Determined to follow leads the police have no interest in pursuing, Neva goes on the hunt for Daniel’s killers. Instead, she finds Konstantyn. He’s dangerous, seductive, and seems to know something about Daniel’s murder. Getting information out of him proves impossible—as does keeping a safe distance. 
As her world spirals ever deeper into sex clubs, corruption, and rumours of occult influences, nothing Neva has is safe: not her mind, her heart, or her life. If she can’t find a way out of the mess that claimed Daniel’s life, she’s in danger of losing all three. 

Explicit scenes of sex and violence make this book suited to an 18+ readership. Infernal is a stand-alone novel of 63K words. 

 Go grab it from Amazon now! 

Sneaky Peek

He was instantly recognisable in spite of the Zorro-style eye-mask concealing his face and the dog-collar around his throat.
Holy crap.
I couldn’t look away from the sensuous, down and dirty grind he was taking across the stage. Oiled muscles rippled as he wound out moves and pumped his hips, putting the sexuality of my dance with him to shame. We’d been fighting. Now, he was screwing everyone in the audience without even touching them.
I swallowed as heat flushed under my skin, and when he moved closer, gyrating to a bass that oozed eroticism, I sank back into the semi-darkness of the booth, openly watching, confident the shadows would conceal my shameful gawking.
But then he made eye contact.
I saw it the second he recognised me. Clearly, Infernal’s attempts at maintaining anonymity didn’t work, because he sure as hell knew who I was, from just half my face. He glared at me through the eyes of the mask, the flare of his nostrils and the punch of his hips at odds with the anger that burned in his gaze.
I couldn’t look away.

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